Flourishing is an educational program developed in collaboration with the volunteers and members from the Recovery Republic and the team at Recovery Education Ltd. The program was developed with the help of creative inputs from these groups and was made possible by an investment from the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), which is one of Britain’s biggest charities and the largest voluntary sector provider of adult education in the UK.

The Flourishing program is designed to help individuals grow as human beings, both in good times and when life gets tough. It is written in a spirit of compassion and understanding, with a focus on building on people’s strengths and assets based on their personal development, experiences, beliefs, and life goals. The program is intended to be undertaken at each individual’s own pace and when they are ready, with ongoing help and support available.

The Flourishing program recognizes the importance of empathy, understanding, support, and kindness in the personal growth process. It is a short training course that allows each person to discover what works best for them. Those interested in participating in the program can book their place by emailing flourishing@recoveryrepublic.co.uk 

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