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Recovery Republic is a supported self-help wellbeing center located in Heywood, Middleton, and Rochdale. Our focus is on building on individuals' assets co-operatively to increase personal psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the local community through a membership organization, cafe, and social space with a wide range of activities and groups to support wellbeing, all delivered within an atmosphere of affectionate equality.

We welcome everyone, including those with mental health illness, learning difficulties, poor mobility, those who are socially isolated and would like to make new friends, and anyone who would like to be part of our center. Our team helps our members decide what they want to achieve, and we will do all we can to be of help.

At Recovery Republic, we can also help with form filling and make referrals to Mind (mild to moderate mental health), Thinking Ahead (counselling), Turning Point (substance misuse), and many other services. We are also a registered Community Money Advice Contact Centre with a fully trained debt adviser who offers free, confidential debt advice and money management.

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The Support Team at RR has experienced significant growth over the years, owing to the increasing demands of the organization and the growing number of referrals. At present, the team consists of 6 members who are responsible for supporting a caseload of members.

To maintain regular contact with these members, the team has established a system whereby they speak with each individual on their caseload on a monthly basis, either in-person at RR or over the phone. This practice ensures that members receive consistent support and allows the team to address any issues or concerns they may have.

The members of the Support Team each have their own areas of expertise, or specialisms, that they are responsible for. For example, one member may specialize in financial management, while another may focus on data collection and analysis. Additionally, some members of the team may be skilled in facilitating courses, while others may have expertise in meditation or other types of therapeutic support.

Overall, the Support Team at RR is an essential component of the organization's efforts to provide effective and comprehensive support to its members. Their diverse skills and specialisms enable them to address a wide range of needs and ensure that members receive the personalized care and attention they require to achieve their goals.

Our beliefs & values booklet provides advice on how to benefit from and contribute to the Recovery Republic community. It emphasises the importance of regularly attending, asking for and accepting support from others, and feeling safe, valued, and connected. Members are encouraged to be ready to give and receive help, develop empathy and respect, avoid harsh judgments, and be honest with themselves and others.

The community offers support in times of distress, illness, and loss and encourages meaningful activity, creativity, and positive relationships. The booklet also encourages members to invest in their relationships and live adventurously.

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