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The Recovery Republic provides several courses to its members as a part of its services. The courses available include Flourishing, Fully Human, Level 2 Food & Hygiene, and First Aid. Each course serves a different purpose and is designed to benefit the members of the community in various ways.

The Flourishing course is designed to help members develop personal skills to enhance their well-being and build positive relationships with others. The Fully Human course focuses on self-awareness and self-development, helping members to understand their emotions and behaviors, and build better relationships with themselves and others.

The Level 2 Food & Hygiene course provides members with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle and prepare food safely, while the First Aid course teaches members the basic skills and knowledge necessary to handle medical emergencies.

If a member is interested in taking a particular course, the Support Team can help them achieve it. The Recovery Republic is linked with various organizations, such as the WEA and Unite Union, which provide free courses that can benefit the members.

Furthermore, becoming a member of the Recovery Republic gives members some priority in attending courses, groups/activities, and organized trips. Members also get to enjoy subsidized food and refreshments, which makes it a more attractive option for those looking to join the community.

Overall, the Recovery Republic provides various courses and services to support the well-being and development of its members, and the Support Team is always willing to help members achieve their goals.

Learn more about our courses

Fully Human

"Fully Human" is a course that explains how the mind works and where thoughts come from in an easy-to-understand way. It also teaches you how to gain greater control over your thoughts, leading to greater happiness. The course covers body, emotion, mind, and spirit, providing a psychological understanding. Attendees can receive one-to-one support during and after the course.


Flourishing is an educational program for personal growth, developed with the help of Recovery Republic, Recovery Education Ltd, and funded by the Workers' Educational Association. It's a compassionate and understanding program that allows individuals to grow at their own pace, with ongoing support available. The program recognises the importance of empathy, support, and kindness in personal development.