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Zion Community Resource Centre
339 Stretford Road
M15 4ZY

Telephone: 0161 226 3871 (Manchester, Trafford, Salford)
Telephone: 0161 480 2020 (Stockport)
Telephone: 0151 511 5873 (St Helens)
Fax:0161 877 2740

Email: admin@selfhelpservices.org.uk

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Self Help Services

Mental Health Services

Established in 1995, Self Help Services is a user-led mental health charity (registered charity no. 1122063) providing primary care mental health services and self help initiatives to people across the North.

The charity is currently commissioned by a range of NHS Trusts to provide a range of services across the North of England including cognitive behavioural therapy (at low and high intensity level as part of the government’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies –IAPT initiative), computerised cognitive behavioural therapy services (cCBT), structured and drop-in condition-specific self help groups, courses, a range of services to support individuals involved/at risk of being involved in the criminal justice system – the “Positive Alternatives” service as well as services for those experiencing drug and/or alcohol issues combined with mental health difficulties.

Self Help Services has a diverse and experienced staff team of over 100 individuals who are supported by a large team of volunteers. We value the experiences of those who have had a mental health difficulty at some point in their life. We believe in empowering individuals to put their experiences to good use by providing accessible self help initiatives in the community to help others similarly affected. We passionately believe that it is possible to be an effective service provider/mental health professional whilst also continuing to manage personal on-going mental health difficulties.

Self Help Services Key Messages

About Self Help Services
• Self Help Services is a mental health charity which ‘helps people to help themselves’
• We provide a range of support, services and opportunities for people living with common mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, phobias and panic attacks.
• At least 50% of our staff have had personal or lived experience of a common mental health problem.

What we do:
• We provide tools and techniques to enable people to take control of their own lives.
• We help people build their self confidence and self esteem to achieve the lives they want.
• We create and deliver innovative and accessible quality services which are tailored to people and communities

What we believe:
• People should be able to choose the support that’s right for them
• No one should experience stigma through living with a common mental health problem
• People are the experts in their own mental health and wellbeing
• Volunteering, employment and helping others is a key step in the road to recovery

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