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Tel: 01706 345111

60 Drake Street
Rochdale, OL16 1PA


Mentoring for Young People And Adults

RCT is a leading provider of specialist, accredited mentoring for young people and adults who are finding life difficult in some way.

We are a long established charitable trust with a dedicated board of highly experienced trustees who represent the criminal justice and commercial sectors.

Our individually tailored, flexible and Integrated approach enables us to deliver specific interventions which turn people’s lives around.

RCT is a community based charity which works with young people with the aim of putting their lives back on track by offering practical and emotional support.

The Charity was started by a group of Rochdale Youth Magistrates in 1998 who noticed that many young people appearing before the Court, did not have a school to attend. This often led to exclusion from society in general and a loss of self-esteem and self-worth on the part of the young person.

RCT’s aims are to connect young people with adults who can help them return to education and training, but even more importantly, perhaps to raise their individual self-worth and confidence which will lead to inclusion rather than exclusion.

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