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Petrus Community 
Craig Lee House
25 Church Lane
OL16 1NR

Tel: 01706 345844

Fax: 01706 713151

Email: petrus@petrus.org.uk


Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale, Pennines

The Petrus Community is a registered charity providing residential and day support services for people in housing need throughout the Borough of Rochdale (including Heywood and Middleton), Rossendale and Oldham.

Petrus believes people should have access to safe, secure, quality housing. We exist to support a wide range of people in housing need and develop their skills, independence and choice. We have a strong commitment to actively involving the people who use our services in shaping how we work.

Petrus is committed to developing and sustaining three major projects:

  • Petrus Housing More…
    Petrus manages a range of supported housing services in Rochdale – and now in Oldham.
  • Petrus Step Up More…
    Working to get homeless people off the street quickly.
  • Petrus People More…
    Including the Petrus Community Store.

Further information about the services can be downloaded here:

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