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Music Group

Fancy Learning To Play An Instrument?

Fancy learning to play the guitar, bang some drums or master the keyboard?
Well this group is for you! No previous experience necessary, just come along and have some fun

How does music help people? – The benefits

Human beings can’t help responding to music – it affects our bodies, minds and feelings. It changes the way we move, feel and think. When people participate actively in music it brings a wide range of benefits: cognitive, emotional, physical and social. Although music work cannot cure an illness or disability it can provide strategies for helping a person to cope with their difficulties, taking a holistic approach to the individual. It can also develop communication skills, increase creativity, self-esteem and confidence, encourage personal growth and self-development, self-expression and greatly reduces social isolation.

The goals of this group are simple: playing together and having an amazing time and above all – having fun!
The group runs every Saturday, 11am – 1pm  so if you’re into music, regardless of your skill level, this is the group for you.

Music therapy – striking a chord for wellbeing.

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