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Giving of time or money or skill is known to make the giver happy as well as the recipient. We in Heywood are often short of money but rich in time. Rather than spend it wondering what to do or sitting watching the telly, it would be much much more productive to get involved helping others
The Recovery Republic has done well in its first fiveyears and is now a solid foundation for further development. In the next three years we Citizens and Volunteers hope to make the Republic in its aim of bringing happiness to our own live by bringing happiness to others.
Below is a long yet incomplete list of possible activities for which Heywood townsfolk can volunteer to help others. It could look good on your CV but more importantly will look good on your face as a smile.

Opportunities available

Kitchen Assistants

The Republic has a good kitchen and some splendid cooks who with help, could prepare more delicious food for more people. Assistants could help turn the kitchen into a wonderful asset for the Recovery Republic.


Our reception staff are the smiling face of the Recovery Republic; they set the tone for the whole of the organisation each and every day. There is always something happening at the Recovery Republic. There are always first time visitors who want to know more, to have a tour of the building, to know what the Republic can do to help them.


All Citizens and Volunteers are expected to do a little cleaning each week to keep our building looking clean, tidy, spick and span, so it feels looked after and therefore a nice and special place to visit. Some people are comfortable spending more time doing this and are valuable members of our community. Everyone can contribute in some way.


No matter how much we try there are always cuffs and bangs to the building. Wear and tear takes its toll. So we are always in the market for a Volunteer Decorator to keep the Republic looking as good as new.


There are always things needing fixed and some volunteers have knowledge or natural ability of how to fix things. If this is you then please get in touch.

Website Manager

We have a new website. It needs someone with knowledge and time to have overall responsibility for it. Then we can make it work better for the Republic by being more interesting to surfers and providing a link from the Republic to all Volunteers and Citizens and vice versa.

Blog Writer

The Republic is developing a life of its own and may townsfolk want to know more about it. Using social media is certainly the 21st Century way. The BW would have ample support.

Events’ Organiser

Whether it’s Christmas or Republic birthday, Citizens, Graduations, there often an event which needs planning. With a volunteer Events’ Organiser so much more could be done, say fund raising Friends of the Republic Dinners on an occasional Saturday.

Shop Assistant

Heywood Children’s Charity Little Monkeys has opened a shop on the lower ground floor accessed from Adelaide Street. It is open 10 – 4pm weekdays. All the money made is given to the Charity. From this Little Monkeys is able to help a lot of families with Children in the town but we want to help more. Having worked in this shop as a volunteer looks good on anyone’s CV for work or education; plus its fun

Adult Literacy Teacher

You are reading this; many townsfolk can’t. Most of those who can’t read can be helped quite easily to do so. Would you like to be trained to be one of these special people who help others in this dramatic way?

Life-story writer

We would like to visit the towns elderly more, especially those who live alone. One thing which is of interest is to help them tell of the milestones of their lives and write it down. When the pieces are all collected they can be put together as a life story which will be of enduring interest to their family.

Life-story Editor / Producer

When we have an elderly person’s life story we could put this together in a booklet with copies of borrowed photos. Then for a small fee to cover costs we can produce booklets for family members. This will need some good computer skills plus some practical fingers.


We have a small allotment with a poly tunnel and a small garden. We would benefit from a few volunteers together to take an interest in keeping these productive and fertile. This would be good fun for the right people.

Children’s storyteller

It’s a shame that more and more children are stuck with electronic media and are missing the beauty of imaginative stories. We need a group of reading storytellers to form a childrens story group after school.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This phrase is as old as the first pictures in newspapers and is even truer in the age of social media. We need pictures of the day to day life of the Republic, its Volunteers and its Citizens for advertising and organisational purposes, for the notice boards and for the social media. You don’t even need a camera.

Fund Raisers

Everything costs, and the Republic is no exception. Fund Raisers can increase the ability of the Republic to help more people in the town. Those who raise the money have the lion’s share in saying how it’s spent.

Music Club DJ

One person’s music is another person’s noise! Imagine a group of music lovers sharing a favourite track with others who in turn share theirs. Aided and abetted by cups of tea and laughter this can be good cheap fun. Do you fancy organising one such group?

Schools Link

There are nearly a dozen junior / infant schools in the town each with its own Parent & Teachers Association group. Little Monkeys Trustees need a volunteer or two to liaise with the PTAs in order to organise support for individual children and groups.

FoodCycle Organiser

It is such a pity that so much food goes to waste from shops and supermarkets which could be put to good use. FoodCycle is a national charity which works to reduce this waste. Have a look at the website and see if being an organiser (with our support and use of the kitchen) could be you. Start with this link: www.foodcycle.org.uk

Van Driver

This is looking a little bit into the future but if FoodCycle project gets set up and running then we could well get and use a small van. We have somewhere to park it but as yet no one to drive it.

To Close

We offer training in the role you choose. We offer expenses so you are not out of pocket. We offer a gentle nurturing atmosphere so that you can grow as well. And most importantly we offer friendship to all who work with us.

Do you want to know more?

Then phone 01706 622722 and ask to speak to Carl, or best of all call in and speak to someone; you can be assured of a warm inviting welcome.


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