The Refectory

The purpose of the refectory isn’t to make money like a restaurant or cafe, but to provide a social point and place for our members to gather with friends or visitors.

Because of the pandemic, we need to make the kitchen and refectory even safer than our 4 Star rating from the Council’s Department of Environmental Health.   Because of safety we need to make the kitchen and refectory more organised.   So the RR has taken a loan to improve the facilities and to hire a cook / kitchen manager.   Member-volunteers will still be needed and who knows before too long we may be able to take on an apprentice or two.


Until we start to see life returning back to normal, we will have to be more spaced out in the Refectory which is a pity but can’t be avoided. So numbers of those eating at any one time will need to be controlled and 16 to 20 will be the probable limit.   However, the upside is that once we have dinner-time organised we can progress to breakfasts and teas. 

Another huge benefit will be the quality of the food on offer.  Food will be fresher with preparing and cooking taking place on the premises and not in some unknown factory a hundred or more miles distant with interests only in profit and not quality.  And as in a family Members and guests likes and dislikes will be taken into account.     The menu will therefore be very varied.   

More information coming soon.

You will possibly plan your visits depending upon the menu, so check back once we’re back to serving food again for menu updates!

With good reason, the refectory is the members favourite room

It’s where we keep the kitchen table.
Like a family we like to chew and chin wag, but we’re a big family, so we need a few kitchen tables…