What is the difference between proximity and community?

Quite simply, it is concern and kindness.

The whole of Recovery Republic loves Heywood and takes a great interest in what is happening in our town.  Though we don’t turn anyone away we have no great desire to grow beyond Heywood Boundaries.  We feel we belong in Heywood.

We want Heywood to listen to us and we want to listen to Heywood.   Any opportunity to be of service to our town we try to help and as we grow, we hope that this becomes more and more evident. 

Concern for others is important but is not enough by itself, it is the acts of kindness flowing from this concern which makes the difference.   We certainly recognise the RR is not alone in Heywood as possessing these  important qualities; Little Monkeys, Sandon House, WHAG, Churches, informal groups of friends, the Foodbank, our Nine Councillors, and recently Heywood Community Support group, not to mention special individuals such as Steven the Postie, collecting for the Foodbank and Angela Brown pulling Heywood Community Support Group together and many others.

We also know that many have the concern, and the desire, but don’t really know how best to help.   That’s what we are here for as well.  So if you want help we are here, and if you want to help we are here, whether you know how best to use your skills or not.


“Service to others is the rent we pay for our life here on Earth.”  

Muhammad Ali

We’d love to hear your thoughts concerning Heywood kindness so feel free to send us an email to info@recoveryrepublic.co.uk to share!

Finally, do have a look at Beliefs and Values.  The first members of the Recovery Republic were a disparate group of individuals wanting to get on with each other but not knowing how.  All with great difficulties, all highly individualistic, but to help themselves they pulled together from Quaker words the first edition of Beliefs and Values which then enabled them to work harmoniously together and to find that concern and kindness that was within each of them. Amazing.  Still with us and now it’s a RR course of learning.