Bulletin 14 – Pioneering our New World: living with Covid

Our lives are now a little more normal than with lockdown, but the
Government’s assembly of experts are agreed that Covid isn’t going to go away
yet, not now, not for the foreseeable future. So how will we adjust our
activities at the Recovery Republic accordingly. As always, we will be guided by
our Members, their words and their behaviours.

The trickle of those returning has become a stream especially for the cake and
coffee morning and those other occasions when there is food and sociability.
We therefore look to ensure that Food Hygiene Certification is possessed by
those who will spend time in our kitchen so we can open the Refectory in
October. Also, the Heywood Ukulele Band (HUB) is planning its return to
alternate Fridays where there is fun aplenty usually with strumming, singing,
and physical closeness of one with another. HUB be studied as a test-bed of
the future.

A few of our Member have contracted Covid since lockdown finished but not
one of these was at the RR so our behaviours when present are helping.
Hands are washed and sanitised without too much effort. Face masks are
worn 30-50% of the time which sounds worse than it is as the social spacing
requirements of 2meters, or 1 meter + mitigation, are generally well observed.
Shared Space is most important so window are usually open and fans are on.
But cold weather is approaching and sociability and eating is better and easier
in the warmth, so let’s wear another layer of clothing to help protect others

The Support Team will be asking the Members the actions taken to protect
themselves and those to protect others, what they like and dislike about new
RR practices and behaviours. The reasons for this is to find out what the
Membership views and requests, plus encouraging us all to continue to be
considerate towards friends and loved ones.

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