At last!


At last, we have an answer to the question that so many of us want to know.  “When can we re-open the Recovery Republic?”    And the answer is

However, we can’t have it all our own way, Covid19 insists that we still take the precautions of social distancing and wearing masks, separate entrance and exit (unless you’re handicapped) all the windows open.   Regrettably, and like when we reopened in September last year, numbers of Members accessing for any one session will be limited to about 16 in the refectory, fewer in the activity room, and sessions will last an hour and a half only, at least to begin with.  We plan to start with a morning session 10.00 – 11.30 plus another session in the early afternoon 1.00 – 2.30.

As for food, we will not be able to serve meals e.g. lunch but will have tea and coffee and for those who wish a piece of cake or couple of biscuits.

Current thinking is that some of these restrictions can be relaxed by mid May when we hope to be able to light the ovens and stove and start preparing food.  By summer it is expected further relaxation but we will talk about that in our next bulletins.

We will want Members’ thoughts and opinions about “vaccination passports” soon after re-opening. More about this soon.

Finally a last mention of masks.   When we reopened in September last year masks then were to protect others when worn properly.  There are masks now available which protect the wearer as well as others. These are more expensive but worthwhile.   We plan to buy some for the RR and to sell to Members at half price (£2.50).    They are washable and properly looked after will last a couple of months