Bulletin 10: When can we re-open?

Bulletin 10: When can we re-open?

The whole of the Support Team join me in wishing you well and safe. We hope that what we have written below give a little hope and some pleasure.

Covid19 is not going to go away but we are as a nation and as a borough getting more to grips with it. All being well schools and colleges will reopen on the 8th of March, but we will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks to know what impact on infection rates this reopening has had. There is likely to be some impact, but my “guess” is that it won’t be too bad. If I am right that there hasn’t then there will be further easing of restrictions allowing us to live certain parts of or lives more normally.

My best guess is that by the beginning of May life will seem more normal with an easing of lockdown but with restrictions like “Tier 2” being imposed. We have shown we at the RR can manage Tier 2 restrictions, so we are currently planning a limited re-opening the last week in March, a greater reopening, similar to the once in September / October last year by mid-April, and by the beginning of May to have the kitchen and refectory functioning well.

Social distancing, wearing masks, limited time (less than one hour) at the Recovery Republic will all remain necessary, but we are getting there. Support Team Members who will be present will have been immunised by at least one jab, as will all the volunteers who wish to be in the building for more than an hour. So, the following is our rough and ready timetable:

  • End of March Limited educational and 1-2-1 activities, eg support chats.
  • Mid April Some semi-social gatherings eg Lisa H’s Cake and Coffee.
  • Late May Opening of Kitchen and Refectory with the new RR Cook.

Look after yourselves, we’re looking forward to seeing you before too long.


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